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Welcome to Apartamentos RR Cabarete

Please read and adhere to the following rules to enhance the enjoyment of your stay with us. Please understand that we are a residence,
not a hotel; so many owners live here full time. Treat your stay here as you would your own home, with cornmon sense and respect for others.

Please take note that at your arrival your fingerprint will be logged in to our computer, which will give you full access at all hours.
The fingerprint will be erased after your Check Out.

Guest must be registered with the reception. lt you have invited guests you must greet any guest at the main entrance
when arriving and sec your guests out when they leave.

Respect and peace is requested in the complex. Be aware that people sleep with their windows open so please remember to lower your
voices when entering the premises or visiting on your balcony after 10.00 Pm

The Pool is intended for use by permanent residents/renters of Royal Residence. If visitors use the pool, it is the responsibility of the
resident/renter to ensure their visitors follow the rules and behave in a manner that does not cause a nuisance to other people within the complex:

·Pool time from 8:00 Am to 10:00 Pm

·Do not Jump, run, push or dive into the Pool

·Keep noise to a minimum while in the pool

·Shower before entering in the pool is required.

·Swimwear must be worn at all times

·Swim in your own risk: NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY

·use the garbage cans for your trash at the Pool

·Cups or glass bottles are not allowed in or around the pool

·No drinking no smoking while inside the Pool

·No food allowed inside the Pool

·Pool accessories like tables, long chairs, umbrellas and chairs are not allowed to move out from there.

·The condominium is not responsible for any losses from around the neither pool nor public areas.

·Children under 12 years are not allowed in the Pool without an adult supervision at all time.

Towels, clothes or other items are not allowed to be hung over the balcony railings at any time.

Your unit entryway is common area. Please keep it free and clean of personal items (shoes, toys, pool equipments etc.)
Otherwise they will be removed. Garbage is not to be left outside your entry at any time.


Oniy one (1) car is permitted per unit

Motors, bikes etc. are not allowed to park on the walkways or car parking spaces,
(Ask the staff members for where to park, please)


The condominium is not responsible for damages or losses from your vehicles.

Pet's are not allowed at the Residence

On site staff is available from Monday to Friday: 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm and Saturday 9:00am to 12:OO Pm.
Administration phone in case of emergencies: Cell: 809 969 0604

Other emergency's catt :911

We appreciate your understanding of these rules and hope you enjoy your stay at Apartments RR Cabarete.



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